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The federal government has been running a massive robocall campaign out of Ottawa, dialling its own offices and hoping no one answers. Microsoft (MSFT) plans to unveil a new line of mobile phones at a media event in San Francisco April 12, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing One man made 350 calls in a day because the line wouldn't connect. TELSTRA has paid a half-million-dollar fine to the communications watchdog for taking too long to connect new phone lines in urban and rural Before the Internet and social media hubs like Twitter and Facebook, 1-900 numbers during the '80s to mid-'90s were the only way to find out The internet is a necessity nowadays, not a luxury, yet there are still plenty of logistical wrinkles to iron out. We’re not happy with overall TELSTRA has paid a half-million-dollar fine to the communications watchdog for taking too long to connect new phone lines in urban and rural business owner has been without phone and internet for 16 weeks.

He's not alone. It is taking Telstra longer overall to repair phone lines damaged groups want a thorough investigation of New York's phone system, accusing Verizon of raising prices substantially while allowing landline service Ever needed to give out your phone number to someone that you don't want to have your number? Well there's now an easy way around that. Thanks Calling allows for unlimited and free app-to-app calling without the need for an Internet connection. It works by using the telephone lines Help with enrollment has long been advertised as just a phone call away. Yet the challenge in some states has been trying to get a call through. San Francisco has a new phone line for people who aren't suicidal, but need empathy, advice and support. Send us tips ! Bloggers: install a Larwyn's Linx widget . Get real-time news, 24/7, at BadBlue .

Nation Sessions: Melt Congress' Phone Lines, if your recently purchased Android handset will be updated with Lollipop? Check out our handy chart which covers a variety of top smartphones. Telstra's once-ubiquitous payphones and rural phone lines could soon face a funding chop, pending a Productivity Commission review. Police said Tuesday that if a 911 call for police, fire or EMS services goes unanswered, people can instead dial (914) 742-6116 for help. From our Tweet-up at Echo Coffee earlier this week. It seems that everyone has a different type of mobile phone these days. at half the price in what one observer calls ‘a race to the bottom.’ A seat sale offering tickets at 50 per cent off has jammed the phone lines Fading hopes of survival hang on the end of a phone line Since the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services launched a statewide phone service for food stamp recipients, the demand has overwhelmed storage containers (you know she’s not going to pay off her debt ), because she just signed a deal as a spokesperson for a psychic phone line.

IT’S BEEN 25 years since Kevin McCallister was left Home Alone at Christmas time as his family vacationed in Paris. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) urged members of the public to "melt the phone lines" to defund President Obama's executive order on immigration Touch tone and voice activated systems open to attack. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about eVoice - Add a Business Number or 2nd Phone Line. Download eVoice standard capable of 500Mbps speeds in both directions over existing telephone wires. The new standard, G.fast, can be used on phone lines within Even after introducing the company’s cheapest yet Windows Phone , Nokia CEO Stephen Elop acknowledges that the company still has work to do to Don’t want to dole out your phone number to everyone on the planet? Clue into a lifetime subscription for Hushed . It’s an app that lets you McCain says constituents can't get through to his office because out-of-state Trump critics are jamming the phone lines.


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