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Long-distance telephone shouldn't be confusing, difficult or sneaky. But with some providers, it is. And many business owners don't have an accurate idea of what they are really paying per-minute for long-distance service. It's time to take control of your long-distance calls. Socket's long-distance phone service features  With CenturyLink™ Distance services you get one low per-minute rate for all your Long Distance calls, without time or day restrictions. So no matter where or when you make the bulk of your calls, you'll only be paying for the minutes you use. You'll also gain the efficiency and convenience that comes from one  15 Dec 2016 - Convergia can switch your long distance phone calls quickly and easily without the need to change any of your telephone numbers. High quality at the best business-long-distance-banner So, it is very simple – Convergia guarantees the lowest rates on national and international long distance calling. NOTE: You will receive a phone call and an email (within one business day), letting you know when your account is active.

By signing up for our Home Phone service, you are electing to use Apela as your domestic and international phone service provider. (Apela will replace your existing long-distance service provider.)  Changing Long Distance Providers Changing Long Providers You can contact your local phone company to request a new carrier for your long or regional toll service. Or, you can contact the long distance carrier of your choice to make changes to your long distance service. Making Verizon your long  0288, AT&T Long Distance Business Service Residence Service Hearing Impaired Service, (800) 222-0400 (888) 795-2717 (800) 833-3232. 0071 or 0948, Broadwing Communication Service Business or Residence Service Business or Residence Service, (800) 422-1199 (800) 994-9638. 0457, eMeritas Communications Enjoy competitive rates on long-distance and international calls across North America, and Asia and beyond. Download our International Distance rates. Save on calls to Asia. Bundle Business Phone with a Business Internet or SmartWiFi plan and get 500 long-distance minutes to China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore  Lower your business long distance, toll-free, and international calling rates.

Providing rate comparisons and LCR services guaranteed to save you money. 29 Jul 2016 - XO Corporate Long Distance Plans. For small to large multi-location businesses that need all locations to contribute to a company-wide, dedicated, domestic Long plan—for the best volume discounts and ease of administration. Select from a range of plans. From the simplicity of a single  The Lowest Long Distance Rates! Telizon has created a number of competitively priced long distance packages designed to meet your business requirements. To start saving money and receiving excellent customer service select from one of our Distance Plans, or Bundled Offers. Telizon is committed to providing the  26 Oct 2017 - A long distance call sent with a VoIP service provider undertakes a much simpler process. A VoIP system in any home or business is composed primarily of an IP (Internet protocol) phone, VoIP phone service, and your Internet service. You can make a phone call with VoIP with any device connected to your  "Fast, high-speed Internet and clear, crisp phone service are the lifelines of your business.

I&T delivers reliable, fast business Internet service to suit small, medium or large companies in Boston, MA and throughout New England." Hereford Distance, your full service long provider offering regional, nationwide, and international calling, is offering new Calling Plans. Residential and Business customers alike can take advantage of these 4 new plans for nationwide domestic calling: 200 minutes $8.00 monthly. 400 minutes $15.00 monthly. Bell Long plans keep you in touch with your customers and partners worldwide. Toll-free numbers make it even easier for customers to reach you. Compare the following rates from traditional telephone service providers with the costs of a VoIP service provider for business and international calling: AT&T: AT&T Business Unlimited Calling II starts at $15/month per user. Verizon: Basic Unlimited Nationwide Package starts at $63.50/month per user. Our local, long-distance, and toll-free calling solutions are cost-effective and reliable. Upgrade your voice services with BetterWorld. Compare U.S. & international distance rate plans designed for businesses (small, medium and large) & save.

Toll-free number services, account codes and travel cards available. Consolidated Communications provides both small and large businesses with the best long communication services at no-nonsense rates and no term commitment. Making calls with most 10-10 services does not require signing up or switching your regular service. Dial the plan's seven-digit code ( such as 101-6868 or 10-10-719, for example), then the phone number you are calling. Since rates do change, bookmark this site or place it in your AOL favorites. IBNtel offers domestic interstate rates for as low as 1.7 cents per minute with NO MONTHLY FEES*. Our international rates are also hard to beat. We offer a whole array of calling services like wireless, dial around (dial an access code first), phone cards, personal and business toll free numbers and call back  Discover the Pioneer Telephone commitment to superior service by calling today and signing up for a competitive long phone service plan. Long distance phone service from frontier is designed to suit your business needs.

A reliable, secure connection with 24/7/365 tech support. Contact Cox Business at 1-866-466-7777 to learn more about our long plans and rates, toll free numbers, fax-to-email service and voice mail. Choose the right plan to meet your business needs. Pioneer Distance is dedicated to bringing Cooperative members a local choice for both residential and business long distance service. Providing this service allows our customers the ability to keep their distance dollars in their community. For generations, right here at home, we've put integrity first in all we do for  Grow your Small Business. AT&T offers the traditional phone services you want & the features you need. Shop for your Small Business phone service with AT&T. Suite of reliable phone lines, calling features, long distance, international calling and toll-free services to meet your specific business communication needs. Flexible Plans, Competitive Rates. Connect and communicate efficiently, effectively and do it for less with enterprise-class business phone and voice services including Business Long Distance, Enhanced Toll-Free Phone Service and Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Enjoy Canada's lowest flat rate charges, 24hrs a day, seven days a week from one of Canada's best business phone service providers. This low rate applies to all distance calls in Canada and the United States. Our international calling rates are 50% cheaper than the local phone company rates, while providing you  Personal. We offer a full suite of international long distance products at the most affordable prices. Click Here. BUSINESS. We offer a full spectrum of voice and data services for business clients of all sizes. Click Here. Who we are and how we can help you. Company Info. Learn more about Telehop. Customer Service..

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