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Francis Maude, the minister for the Cabinet Office said that premiums would be reduced as insurance companies would no longer have to rely on In addition to soaring premiums which have risen by almost £100 in just three years, motorists also face the prospect of rising charges at the paid out could leave as many as 36 million drivers worse off - and a few people with millions more in compensation - we explain all Car insurance Car insurance firm insurethebox is using a business analytics appliance to analyse drivers' habits and set insurance premiums based on how safe Car insurance firms hike premiums even for drivers not at fault in a crash The cheapest comprehensive cover rose by 1.2% to £531.

Car insurance premiums in the UK are on the ascent for the first time in over two years, Anti-competitive practices are pushing up motor insurance prices, the regulator has decided. We explain all the issues If you drive a car, you probably already know that your driving record affects the amount you pay for auto insurance. But what you might not Car insurance firm insurethebox is using a business analytics appliance to analyse drivers’ habits and set insurance premiums based on how safe Car insurance premiums are lower for college graduates and those who work white-collar jobs, according to a report from the Consumer Federation Car insurance premiums to fall by £40 a year under plans to end 'rampant compensation culture' Rich with a DUI?

Your car insurance premium may not suffer With figures showing car insurance premiums hitting their highest levels since since the Association of British Insurers started keeping records There are two explanations for the sharp rise in bills faced by motorists courtesy of their insurance companies. If you believe the likes of The increase reflects cost pressures such as whiplash-related claims, increasing repair bills and hikes in insurance premium tax (IPT) Premiums rises feared as more claims lead to 'periodic payment orders'. For certain people, a pay-as-you-go insurance plan can make a lot of sense and save a lot of money. After all, car insurance is a major expense Drivers bear the brunt as Insurance Premium Tax doubles in 18 months, with the latest increase set to add £16 a year on average UK insurance firm Admiral had intended to launch an app this week offering discounted car insurance premiums to first time drivers based on an Liz Truss (pictured) made the change independent of wider Government policy in her role as Lord Chancellor.

It means higher payouts for personal There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of your car insurance premiums and a new study suggests education level and work status are among The average premium plunged by 16.6 per cent in the first three months of 2014 in comparison to the same period in 2013. Statistically, married people are safer drivers than unmarried people, and car insurance premiums vary accordingly One of the things that Dan Insurers are dodging rules banning them from charging female drivers less by offering lower premiums to motorists who have jobs done mainly by Auto-premiums are up 7% on average nationwide compared to this time last year — at a time of low gas prices and more drivers on the road.

Car insurance providers look carefully at the new law in Las Vegas and how that may affect car insurance premiums. The new law in Vegas, put The typical quote for annual comprehensive cover fell to £533 in January, but experts warn prices could rise sharply later this year.

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