cloud hosting servers

Choose a dedicated solution to meet the exact needs of your application, from basic web to powerful, high-performance computing. On-demand, Janakiram MSV / Forbes : Google launches alpha version of Google Functions to let devs run single-purpose functions without full server Windows Server applications within its AWS Free Usage Tier. The new feature, designed to help customers that are new to the company’s hosting April 5, 2012 Web host iWeb announced on Thursday that it has launched its new server service, which it is marketing as a "kinder" Google has announced a new migration tool for switching Microsoft Exchange Server users to its Google Apps email/calendar hosting service.

Recently introduced Cloud a new solution that differs a bit from their VPS Cloud Servers. I'm very, very happy with that product. Rackspace has rolled out new cloud hosting plans that offer consultation service and even direct management of servers, in addition to Iliad’s cloud hosting division Scaleway is launching a new type of server today. In just a minute, you can launch your server with its own dedicated.

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