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about donating your car. Learn how to protect yourself by reading our donating your car guide. car donation scams? And what about these new tax rules? Below we have listed the New York and National charities that would love to receive your car donations in the New York city area and across the Empire State. Donate Cars in New York or donate a truck, van, boat or RV to help your favorite charity and receive a tax deduction. DONATE CARS IN NEW YORK TO  29 Jul 2016 - Whenever you buy a new car, you need to do something with your old car. So, trade, sell or donate? Donate Your Car in New York, or any other vehicle to benefit treatment education for local families. Donate a Car 2 Charity Bronx, NY provides fast, free pickup of your car donation. Get a full 501(c)3 charity tax deduction plus a FREE VACATION voucher. Car donation in New York through our wizard is fast, easy and gets you the maximum return on your IRS tax deduction. Donate a car in NY today!

Donate a Car 2 Charity New York provides fast, free pickup of your car donation. Get a full 501(c)3 charity tax deduction plus a FREE VACATION voucher. Donate cars to benefit Make-A-Wish Metro New York. Your car donation is fully tax deductible and benefits kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Do you need something to do with an unwanted vehicle taking up space? You can get it towed for free when you donate your car in NY to a trusted charity. In fact  DONATE YOUR USED VEHICLE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Oh, how rush as you pulled up to the house that first time behind the wheel of a brand new car. Car Donation NY. Contact Us.Fill out our online donation form, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-433-3828. Schedule a Pickup.We'll come out and pick up your car wherever you are in New York. Receive a Receipt.Within a few days, you'll receive a top tax-deduction receipt in the mail. Therefore, for more information, please call National Charity Services at 866-492-2770 to arrange your car donation in NY and contribute to the Goodwill  Donate your car to the best charitable car donations in New York City is your first step to make a difference in the life of helpless children.

Donate Your Vehicle. Boy and girl playing with a toy ride-on car. It's easy to donate a vehicle to Ronald McDonald House New York. We've partnered with  When you donate your used car (or boat, RV, truck, motorcycle, plane or other vehicle) to PPMHV, we turn the proceeds into support for programs and services  With the development and implementation of the National Cars Donation System, 1-800-Charity Cars can process your New York car donation. Charity Cars has  Donate a Car 2 Charity Brooklyn, NY provides fast, free pickup of your car donation. Get a full 501(c)3 charity tax deduction plus a FREE VACATION voucher. You can now donate your car to Catholic Charities, and receive a valuable tax deduction. Catholic Charities New York benefits by receiving a cash donation to  Car Donation Service in New York, NY. Donate a car or other vehicle in New York, NY, the city that's the most populous city in the state of New York, to the charity of your choice and receive a tax receipt for your contribution. With one call, we can arrange a pickup date, and your gift will support the Rescue To donate your vehicle, call 1-877-227-4438.

Syracuse, New York 13202. Donate a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle in New York to help give veterans a better Your New York Vehicle Donation Helps To Empower Veterans. If you plan to donate your vehicle to a charity or to a cause, the DMV Determine if the charity is registered as an automobile dealer in New York State or  RMHC Vehicle Donation Program: Where Cars Help Kids on this link to donate your Vehicle to RMHC of Western New York, call 614-CARS-HELP (227-7435)  Your generous donation will support the animals! Donate Your Vehicle Today. If you have 200 Centre Street , New York NY 10013 212.274.8511. Site design  Car Donate NY turns cars into charitable donations. But did you know that you can donate your car to a business that helps to benefit and support children's  How it works in NY. Tell us about your car. Take 2 minutes to fill out a donation form - online or over the phone. Schedule a free pickup. Within 24 hours we'll call you to arrange a convenient pickup time.

You are done! Within 2-4 weeks you receive a tax receipt and vacation voucher . How to Donate Your Car to Charity. Thousands of people donate cars to charity each year. These contributions are an important source of income for charities  You receive a significant fair market value tax deduction for your car donation in New York, which will benefit you a lot more than the low amount that a used car  The State for New York will require a Certificate of Title in order to donate your car. To complete your car donation, transfer your title by entering the name of the .

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