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May 31, 2014 - Recover Deleted Whatsapp Conversations: You might not know but you This application will forward all your android phone notifications on  To messages to contacts and group chats you must first select the message and then proceed as follows: Sep 19, 2016 - How to messages to multiple chats at once with latest update. Quick media, calls on Home screen and  Jul 22, 2016 - Here is the tip on send or message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp at once.

Using iPhone and iPad, you can broadcast  May 16, 2015 - 25 Hilarious Hoax WhatsApp Texts and Forwarded messages I'm not sure what happens after forwarding this message LOL! Text written  To send a message or media to another conversation: Tap and hold on the message or media. Optionally, select multiple messages and/or media to forward. Tap the icon.

Choose a conversation to forward the message or media to. Aug 12, 2016 - But now, the beta version is introducing a new feature wherein you can send or forward a message to multiple chats so it will be easier to tell  Hello, you are watching VisiHow. In this video, I will teach you how to messages between contacts on application while using your iPhone 6.

Aug 13, 2016 - When a call is declined or unanswered you now have the option to leave a voice message - but that's not all that's changed. Aug 12, 2016 - has rolled out an update for its beta app for Android. the functionality to send or forward messages to multiple recipients, including  Jun 14, 2016 - The WhatsApp application is currently used by over 1 billion monthly active people and this makes it one of the used mobile applications out  I have 2 mobile phones and have installed Whatsapp on both of themMy question is can I message from one of my mobile phone to the other  Forwarding a message to another person or a group within the Messenger sometimes is very beneficial.

A specific forwarding function is readily  How to forward WhatsApp's messages – Forwarding a message to another users or a group within the Messenger sometimes is very beneficial. Jan 1, 2016 - Latest whatsapp dare messages, dare questions, dare games and whatsapp I like to this message to my friends. Dec 25, 2014 - Simple scenario, I have phone with normal SIM card and then tablet with data only SIM card.

Now the only reason to keep data on my phone is. Sep 26, 2016 - Popular Messaging service WhatsApp makes it really easy to forward messages to any of your individual or Group Contacts. In this article you  As per titleI`m lucky that I have my Note 3 as a "leisure phone" which I only use 3-4 times per week and would like to know if I can auto forward  Dec 1, 2015 - This article will show you the easy steps for sending and forwarding messages on The collection of best 20 whatsapp messages to forward, update facebook status with funny, interesting, inspirational, motivational, attitude message.

Aug 12, 2016 - However it seems that in the latest beta of the developers have made it so that users will be able to messages to multiple  How to Forward Whatsapp Messages to email or other contact, and also how to send new image or Forward Nov 14, 2015 - Hey I haven't came across an app which can make that automatic forwarding in But there is an android app called whatsapp  Aug 15, 2016 - Track the status of your message, mark your favorites, your witty remarks, start a group chat, and more with WhatsApp on Windows 10  Nov 24, 2015 - This is a tutorial on how to forward a message to another contact.

Just like with emails, you can forward individual ingoing or  Sep 8, 2016 - How To Multi Forward Images Or Messages In Updated Whatsapp Version:- Let's say it is Christmas today. You have a lot of contacts  Forward Messages. Open WhatsApp and select the conversation of your choice. Tap and hold the message that you would like to share.

A pop-up menu will appear with some message options. Jun 20, 2016 - These can be forwarded within the app to other chat groups, or friends. Here's how to your messages in on iOS and Android. It's no longer a lengthy task to forward message to multiple group chats or contacts at once on iPhone. Head over the jump to find out!

Aug 11, 2016 - Instead, whether you're forwarding a message from one chat to another or sharing a photo or video or document from your phone to WhatsApp, .

forward whatsapp messages

Girl posts genuine news in WhatsApp group, post fails to go beyond 2 forwards - Firstpost (satire)
Firstpost (satire)Girl posts genuine news in WhatsApp group, post fails to go beyond 2 forwardsFirstpost (satire)These users in WhatsApp groups are unbelievable. For any fake message, they immediately jump on it and forward to everyone. A genuine good news post, no one cares! No wonder Fakebook, I mean Facebook, acquired WhatsApp. Both compete with each 

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