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Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs , clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for Google announces a new program today to work with web hosts to integrate Webmaster Tools for their users. The Google Tools Recently, announced the addition of indexation data within Webmaster Tools. To see the newly revealed indexation information, simply log Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google’s Matt Cutts announced just yesterday that webmasters can now download their newest inbound links by date in their free analysis tool, Manual Penalty Actions Reported in Webmaster Tools was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization monthly searches taking place on it's important that as a publisher I know how views my website and that I utilize the tools When people ask me what are the essential tools I use online, on top of my list there’s always Tools .

It gives you a ton of Google said a small set of Webmaster Tools accounts were impacted and that it is investigating ways to prevent this from happening in the future. Along with their web analytics, the first account I ask my SEO clients for access to is Google Webmaster Tools. It’s an invaluable source of More at might not give us the answers we desire but, if parsed through with a discerning eye, Tools can provide a wealth of valuable The most under-used and under-rated tool in the entire SEO and content marketing sphere is Google’s Webmaster Tools. The reasons why it’s so GoDaddy is the pilot partner for trying out a new service from Google, which will lend more data support for users to see how Google views their Console, formerly known as the Google Webmaster Tools, is a very useful service for administrators to understand how their websites perform free Webmaster Tools application and Google Docs to identify some of those people so you can follow up with them.

Let me know in the comments Google Tools has a new name: it's now called Search Console . Why change the name? "It turns out that the traditional idea of been scrambling to substitute or replace it. Not surprisingly, I received a lot of emails about that article, asking how to use Google Webmaster If your site has stopped showing in Google's search results, there are some steps you can take to help reintroduce it to Google. From checking You aren't signed in Sign In Help Home The Tour Sign Up Explore Explore Home Last 7 Days Interesting Popular Tags Calendar Most Recent Uploads owners and anyone involved in the web, it’s hard not to be a little bit of a fan.

One of the Google products I use every day is their webmaster Analytics, the next best way to measure the keywords that are driving traffic to your site is via Google Webmaster tools. By looking at the organic search data for your web sites. Use it. recently expanded the organic search data it provides to web site owners who use Webmaster The navigation menu in Google's Webmaster Tools has been given a very subtle new look. Apart from looking fabulous, it's actually a pretty logical Webmaster Tools is a suite of tools designed to help webmasters get their sites indexed and give them more information about their website Looking at 12,000 crawl errors staring back at you in Webmaster Tools can make your hopes of eradicating those errors seem like an insurmountable IMSoup Matt Cutts Addresses 700000 Messages Sent Via Google's Webmaster Tool IMSoup Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts said 90% of the As announced on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, two new features have been rolled out in a special ‘labs’ section of Webmaster Tools.

Thousands of company websites have been living off of Webmaster Tools over the last few weeks as they work to make their website more.

Google now lets you submit URLs for indexing directly from search results - 9to5Google
9to5GoogleGoogle now lets you submit URLs for indexing directly from search results9to5GoogleBasically, this is just a shortcut to the functionality that has long been found at Google's webmaster tools site. Of course this doesn't guarantee that Google will index the site you submit, and if you're a webmaster, it's probably best to just sign

Google Search Console: Tips and tricks for digital specialists - The Media Online
The Media OnlineGoogle Search Console: Tips and tricks for digital specialistsThe Media OnlineFor an SEO specialist, Search Console (SC), formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, plays an important role in our everyday lives. To contextualise, Google Analytics is a platform that tracks and records all the activity on a website while a user is and more »

Recovering from a Major Traffic Drop: Reflections on SSL Redirects and Hacked Content Issues - Business 2 Community
Recovering from a Major Traffic Drop: Reflections on SSL Redirects and Hacked Content IssuesBusiness 2 CommunityRegister your SSL site with Google Webmaster Tools, set it as the preferred version and submit a sitemap. Check your indexation frequently, and only hard redirect once you've seen most of your SSL pages indexed. Take, don't ignore, partial match manual 

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Practical EcommerceSEO How-to, Part 12: Your Technical ToolboxPractical EcommerceEditor's note: This post continues our weekly primer in SEO, touching on all the foundational aspects. In the end, you'll be able to practice SEO more confidently and converse about its challenges and opportunities. For every far-reaching strategy that

A Major Google Update On March 30th? I Don't Think So. - Search Engine Roundtable
A Major Google Update On March 30th? I Don't Think So.Search Engine RoundtableWhat more likely happened was that Google changed something with the features showing up more often and that caused a lot of these tracking tools to light up. I spotted very very minimal webmaster chatter about ranking changes and webmasters 

Champaign County SBDC to host Small Business Week April 30th-May 6th - Smile Politely - Champaign-Urbana's Online Magazine
Smile Politely - Champaign-Urbana's Online MagazineChampaign County SBDC to host Small Business Week April 30th-May 6thSmile Politely - Champaign-Urbana's Online Magazine tool that helps you manage information displayed to customers on Google Search and Maps. The workshop will also include an overview of Google tools to help you improve your presence online, including Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

How to find bad backlinks and remove them from your website - TG Daily (blog)
TG Daily (blog)How to find bad backlinks and remove them from your websiteTG Daily (blog)There are several ways to find bad backlinks and remove them one of the most effective ones is the use of Google webmaster tools. Simply click on the Google Webmaster tools and from here you can export all the backlinks on your website. Simply click on 

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A day in the life of marketing manager for a boutique hotels websiteEconsultancy (blog)The usual suspects like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and social media platforms like Tweetdeck and HootSuite. I use Moz for its SEO tools including its crawler and rank tracker. Not only that but it has a community of

3 Digital Tools to Go One Up on Your Competition - Entrepreneur - Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur3 Digital Tools to Go One Up on Your Competition - EntrepreneurEntrepreneurGreat content. Knowledge of what customers are saying. SEO: These tools can help you with the most important elements of competition.and more »

Why Your SEM Campaign Isn't Working - Business 2 Community
Why Your SEM Campaign Isn't WorkingBusiness 2 CommunityThese searches then get put into Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics data and skew the results. To combat this, I suggest removing branded searches from Google Webmaster Tools. I also recommend using Google Analytics and working with the 

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