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The maxim about it being hard to see what's in front of your nose seems to apply doubly to the public's health worries — and we in Health Month Saint Mary's Dr. Herrmann Health Tips Kolo News 8 The high-res images could help researchers better understand the conducting tissue that triggers each heartbeat. Findings from a sweeping U.K. study suggest that middle-age women may not need as much exercise as previously recommended in order to stay healthy Mayo Clinic doctors worry about trans fat because of its unhealthy effect on your cholesterol levels, and subsequent impact on your health. Information from Healthkey and The Hartford Courant about health, including Cardiovascular Disease, Arrhythmias, Heart Disease, Peripheral Canadians are living longer lives, but these extra decades in the golden years aren’t necessarily what we envision. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Rate Monitor Track Your Health.

Download Rate Monitor While it’s a disease in the brain, dementia shares similar risk factors as heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions. sounds like research that people would line up to take part in a study to see whether the nutrients in dark chocolate can help prevent heart suggest that it’s not necessarily what’s on your child’s plate but how he or she eats her meals that could be related to future risk of heart Health: How To Save Your Life. What doctors are doing, and what you can do, to keep your heart as healthy as possible. Alberta's doctors and pharmacists now have a new mobile phone application to help them better manage medications for patients with failure.The Famed heart surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has long rallied against the overuse of stents, cholesterol drugs and other conventional heart disease The candymaker is funding a study on whether chocolate can help prevent attacks and stroke Study to test 'chocolate' pills for health Daily American Online It won't be nearly as much fun as eating candy bars, but a big study There are five numbers that everyone should know by but most people probably don't.

CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook and CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips weigh in on new guidance about cholesterol Thrive! Your guide to health, a healthy mind, and dealing with cancer. Learn about the latest treatments, nutrition strategies, and preventative Enlarge (credit: Getty Portland Press Herald Spermidine is a chemical that's normally found in living tissues, where it influences a variety School District elementary students packed it up, packed it in the gym at the high school’s North Building and jumped around to combat Researchers spend a decade studying Celebrex, an arthritis drug, to see if it causes heart problems. A similar drug was removed from the market MocaCare is back with another simple-to-use, app-enabled health monitoring device. The company’s first product, MocaHeart, measures heart rate, Researchers say that walking can lower your risk of heart-related conditions just as much as running.

Many people try to cut down weight in order to get healthier. The truth is, however, there is much more to know than just body weight to determine is their fourth since 2009, using new sensors and a metric called pulse wave velocity to give users a better picture of their heart health, to cut down on saturated fat think butter, cheese, bacon, red meat, and countless other tasty foods because it clogs arteries and causes heart Put simply, albeit rather alarmingly, every hour spent sitting in front of the television takes 22 minutes from your life. And, no matter how Get Digifit iCardio Rate Monitor Health Training Activity Workout Tracker Supports Fitbit Jawbone UP on the App Store. See For years, people concerned about their heart health have paid close attention to their personal stats, hoping for low levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol.

heart health

Double the Salt for a Healthy Heart?
Dear Living Well Daily Reader, To salt or not to salt? That is the ultimate blood pressure question. Well, at least it has been for the last handful of decades. And it’s been the cause of great confusion for folks who want to take care of their hearts.

24-Hour Shifts Can Play Havoc With the Heart
FRIDAY, Dec. 2, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Sleep deprivation while working 24-hour shifts affects heart function, a new German study suggests. "These findings may help us better understand how workload and shift duration affect public health," said lead

Which sports are best for your heart? The answer may surprise you.
Participation in sports has been shown to help the heart and to have other benefits. Are some sports better than others? The researchers analyzed health and physical activity data on 80,306 adults (average age 52), including the frequency and intensity of

Buffalo Niagara ranks high for heart attacks, surprising health experts
Here's a heart-stopping reality - more people suffer from heart attacks in the Buffalo Niagara region than in most other major metropolitan areas in the country. The region ranked 16th-worst among 190 communities for reported incidents of heart attacks

Sleep Deprivation can Take a Toll on Your Heart
Short-term sleep deprivation has a negative impact on the heart health, finds a new study. People who work in fire and emergency medical services, medical residencies and other high-stress jobs are often called upon to work 24-hour shifts with little

Weekly health news roundup: Alzheimer’s disease, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome
This roundup presents the latest in health news covering Alzheimer’s, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, adrenal fatigue, and chronic fatigue syndrome. This week, we discussed the link between amyloid proteins that trigger

Want to keep your heart healthy? Just ensure you aren’t deprived of sleep
Your long working hours and short term sleep can adversely affect the heart condition, a study warns. Those working in 24-long hours shifts like those in fire and emergency medical services, medical residencies and other high-stress jobs, get less time to

Heart drug statins offers has NO effect on life expectancy, study shows
Records of nearly 800,000 people aged 60 and others over 24 years showed the drugs prescribed to reduce risk of heart disease and strokes had no effect on life expectancy. The only exception was for patients aged over 65 who were already at high risk of

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