how to delete all posts and comments in wordpress

Dec 10, 2009 After I came back to managing this blog and logged in to WordPress admin area, first thing that I saw was that huge pile of So my question was: How do I delete pending comments in an efficient way? Popular Posts:. Feb 27, 2017 Here is a WordPress SQL query which will all comments from a specific WordPress post or page. You need to get post Id use this  wp site empty - Empty a site of its content (posts, comments, terms, and meta). Quick links: [--uploads]: Also delete all files in the site's in the uploads directory. Dec 14, 2011 MattBrett tweeted out a couple days ago, asking how to mass delete users December 14, 2011 by Jonathan Dingman 5 Comments $reassign = 1; // The user that all posts will fall back to, other wise they will be deleted. Dec 8, 2014 How to Remove Featured Image from All Posts in WordPress.

In this post I It is best to comment this code once the jobs is done. Otherwise  Jun 22, 2016 In a WordPress database, if you run a query delete old posts, like the one above, the Batch Unapproved WordPress Comments. Bulk posts, pages, users, attachments and meta fields based on different Delete posts by duplicate title (Available as a Pro addon); Delete all draft posts Post meta fields; Delete Comment meta fields; User meta fields  Nov 14, 2011 Facebook and privacy have a complicated, ever-changing relationship, though things seem to be moving toward stability now that they've  Nov 18, 2016 Ultimate and easy guide on How Delete all Tumblr blog posts quickly others prefer Tumblr and some WordPress, Weebly and so goes the long list. I missed to point out, do share them at the comments section �� below. How to remove comments from individual posts and pages within your blog. Select “disable & hide all comments” – this will remove the comment display You can disable comment fields on a per-post or per-page basis in WordPress.

Aug 6, 2012 If you have the need to delete all your posts from your WordPress site, then there are basically three ways you could go about it. You could  Just create a new wordpress site and fill up with few posts and see how the Run the below query if you wish bulk delete all the pending comments in  MySQL/Wordpress question: Help me delete posts from a certain category This will permanently delete the relevant posts and comments. Oct 2, 2016 Learn how to make a static WordPress site in this tutorial. 327: How to remove the blog posts page in WordPress. Written by Comments: 16 The posts page is actually not loading at if you use static pages instead. Feb 27, 2013 Sometimes while developing a new plugin you have do lots of database work including creating posts, editing posts, and deleting posts. All  Jun 1, 2010 SQL specifically designed to delete all posts in a WordPress Category.

leave a comment if you have any suggestions or comments on how to  May 18, 2016 There are times when we are testing WordPress on the local environment; we have to all comments and posts in WordPress. Manually  Jan 31, 2015 It's surprisingly difficult to disable comments globally in WordPress. However, all previously published posts would still retain their comment settings and need After enabling the plugin, go to “Settings > Delete Comments”. Mar 24, 2014 If you want get rid of every pending comment, or remove comments from your WordPress blog entirely, these two techniques will help you  Feb 11, 2017 Remove all spam comments from the database In the WordPress database, the “ wp_posts ” table includes a I run this query a few times each year (or as often as I can remember it) to disable comments on old posts. Mar 1, 2017 If you want go a step further and complete remove all traces of comments or comment features from your site, we recommend the Disable  Learn how to remove comments from single posts, all posts in a category, multiple Lucky for you i've searched the WordPress plugin repo and found a plugin  Mar 17, 2014 Here is an easy way delete comments between two dates.

Here is the SQL to automatically close comments on all posts older than  Sep 24, 2016 To delete a user, click on the Delete link that appears beneath the user all content – This will delete all the content which this user  Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin which can be used to delete posts in bulk from all published pages; all draft pages; Delete all pending pages Comment Meta Fields Pro – Adds the ability to delete comment meta  Mar 7, 2016 Do you want to delete all comments from your WordPress site? It is rare, but on some occasions a site owner may decide to delete all the  Sep 13, 2008 To quickly delete ALL spam comments, execute the following query on your MySQL database: DELETE FROM Related posts: Stop vBullet*n Most people just type in 'http://' and WordPress will display it as a link. Bots will  How to delete Facebook wall posts from your timeline.

26 January 2016; Facebook Articles; Comments 22 Comments. The following process describes how  Jul 17, 2012 What use are the Posts and Comments sections to you? All of these options are cluttering up your sidebar, and if you are working with clients,  The Plugin Helps you in Deleting All the Comments (Approved,Pending,Spam and Trashed Comments) From your WordPress Site or you can Just Delete All the .

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