hybrid cloud management

Virtustream provides a layer of cloud-management abstraction that sits above the virtual machine layer and affords more accurate control for Computing Cisco is to acquire hybrid cloud management firm CliQr for £260m Computing Cisco is to buy CliQr, a provider of application management management vendors. The buy makes sense for several reasons: CSC needs a unified service catalog, orchestration, and governance platform to and specifically in the space of hybrid cloud. Today Cisco announced that it has acquired CliQr, a provider of application management solutions Microsoft this morning announced the general availability of Operations Management Suite, which brings to hybrid cloud environments the same New generation of IT management products is easier to deploy and less costly to operate than conventional systems. Users can manage internal and multiple external clouds from a single management console After a year of testing the software in beta, Red Hat Wednesday launched its hybrid cloud management software, called CloudForms. Red Hat moved its hybrid cloud management software called CloudForms out of beta on Thursday, aiming to allow IT customers with considerable Some more consolidation underway in the world of enterprise services, and specifically in the area of hybrid Today Cisco announced Tegile Integrates With Cisco to Unite Flash Storage With Hybrid Management for Enterprises Yahoo Finance Cisco Live, Booth #3049 – Tegile Red Hat integrates Project Stay Puft into its OpenStack Platform and rolls out its CloudForms 3.1 release.

it. Those first two options are off the table - the ship has sailed. So how do you embrace it? First, don't be thrown off by that "hybrid" HotLink CEO Lynn LeBlanc offers advice on managing hybrid IT, transforming your data center, and getting started in tech entrepreneurship. Red Hat today announced general availability of its CloudForms platform, skillfully repositioning it as a hybrid cloud management platform as With all of its advantages, the cloud also creates a whole new set of problems. In this new environment traditional identity and access management This playlist shows a real world example of how a modern zSystems hybrid cloud application environment can be managed easily from your browser product division of Persistent Systems, a global provider of IT services, acquired Convirture, a provider of virtual machine and management Larry Dignan / ZDNet : Nutanix announces strategic partnership with Google Cloud and unveils new tools for hybrid cloud management — Google Cloud Cisco buys CliQr, expands hybrid cloud management solutions - SiliconANGLE Virtzilla merges Core and Advanced versions of vCloud Connector VMware has released version 2.6 of its vCloud Connector tool, and dropped its in Houston, Microsoft released a bevy of tools and services to help administrators connect their internal operations to Microsoft's Azure cloud.

CliQr released an upgrade to CloudCenter management platform that allows IT to transform and move images between platforms and cloud environments. Objective of Google-Nutanix partnership is to make it easier for organizations to deploy and manage workloads in hybrid deployments. IBM has introduced a new line of cloud systems and services that aim to simplify the movement of data across hybrid environments. The headline ManageIQ will add much to Red Hat's growing portfolio. Its software enables organizations to deploy, manage and optimize private clouds. the task of managing and monitoring a multi-cloud environment challenging. A multi-cloud environment brings in the need to have a management in Houston, Microsoft released a bevy of tools and services to help administrators connect their internal operations to Microsoft's Azure cloud. A major change is happening in enterprise IT. Whereas in the past organizations tended towards one monolithic vendor (how many times have you VMware has announced new initiatives and new branding to help IT Pros love the Hybrid.

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