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Jul 7, 2015 An illustrated guide on how to obtain registration online. IndiaFilings can help you obtain tax registration for your business in India. Business Registrations / Business Startup / Service Tax / Registrations Documents Required for Obtaining Tax Registration. The following  Jan 18, 2016 The benefits for startup India includes self-certification and a an 80% in the patent application fee and a single-point hub for hand-holding. 6) So with 1% Tax, the Taxpayers will work to improve Business / Goods Services/ Today we talk about the service registration. tax is very useful things for the service providers startups in India. even in many cases  Company Registrations Office,Business consultating for LLP Registration Patna Online Company Incorporation, LLP Registration,  Oct 5, 2016 In India, there are a lot of businesses where the sole owner of the family is apply for Registration like VAT/CST Registration, Service Tax  Aug 3, 2016 The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is likely to be passed in Rajya Sabha today.

The Coolest Mannequin Challenges Pulled Off By Indian Startups to register a company, get a service a VAT in  Due to technical maintenance activity, ACES Application will remain ALL CENTRAL EXCISE AND SERVICE ASSESSEES MIGRATING TO GST MAY   May 5, 2016 Modern start-ups like bloggers, freelancers earns their basic revenue online from foreign countries without keeping worry about Indian service  Aug 27, 2016 Service Tax Registration is a tax registration required for businesses providing Taxable Services in India or receiving Services from abroad. Nov 18, 2015 Online Aggregators In India Get Reminders For Paying Service At The Tech Portal, he covers gadgets, startups and the good and bad of  Company Registration Consultants, LLP Registration, Pvt Ltd company and start up in their Legal, Accounting, Tax and Intellectual Property related services. Apr 20, 2016 Service tax refers to collected by the government of India from Service registration is mandatory for every person or business that has  Every business established in India needs to obtain certain tax registrations keeping in view the nature of business carried on by them.

The non registration  Mar 2, 2016 Our professional experience suggests that Startups especially from the technology Service Tax is a function of gross turnover. Once you have taken service tax you have to inform the service authorities about your billing transactions and due on the same at a  Advisory under Startup India Initiative including eligibility and benefits; Advisory TAN PAN Application; Registration or GST as  Aug 25, 2016 The service tax registration form is called the Form st-1 and the user has to fill all the Related Read: How Accounting Will Impact The Growth Of Your Startup ! Anand Rajendran is a freelance writer living in Chennai, India. Service Registration. Service Tax is a form of indirect tax imposed only on services provided. Minimum Requirement for Registration in India   Aug 4, 2016 You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of when the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill was unanimously passed.

a VAT registration from State's sales tax department to start business in a new state. May 10, 2015 The Goods and Services (GST) – GST Bill was passed in Lok With the implementation of GST in India, the procedure for GST registration  Aug 3, 2016 The Goods and Services Tax (GST) likely to be passed in Rajya registration in every state it operates from, and much else, India fairs poorly. Jun 1, 2016 They pay tax in the country of their registration. However, the The idea is to any and every firm that is paid for its service by Indian users. No VAT/TIN is certainly not mandatory. Say if you are IT tech startup/CA Does a services based startup need to go for service tax registration after GST in India? Startup INDIA scheme have any benefit on service for  Apr 1, 2016 a) Upto 5 years from the date of its incorporation/ registration, and processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property.

For availing various benefits (except tax and IPR related benefits i.e. action points #4, #9, #10 and # 11 of the Startup India Action Plan), an entity would be required to be  Aug 6, 2013 Service is a tax imposed by Government of India on services provided in India. The service provider collects the tax and pays the same to  Ezybiz India Offer services of VAT & Tax Registration, ITR Filing and post-registration stage of starting a business by both Indian startups as well as  Feb 28, 2014 Service tax is one of the widely levied forms of in India. In this article we take a look at the basics of service registration in india. Jun 28, 2016 If you are a new startup looking for information about Tax, Value VAT: VAT registration is compulsory for dealers having a turnover  IndiaFilings is a leader in online tax registration services in India.

IndiaFilings can help obtain service tax registration in India or file tax returns. Under the Startup India Action Plan, it has been directed that Startups that Should not be more than 5 years from the date of its incorporation/ and new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property. PAN; TAN; Service Tax; Has the Company filed all annual IT returns till date  As per the Rules framed by the Indian Govt., every Service Provider has to mandatorily apply for Service if the Value of Services expected to be  service provider for Service Registration All India Service at only Rs. 5000/- in all India. Register 10 legal mistakes that usually cost a startup. 10 Legal  Get Best Business Legal Services from the Leader. Go! The most tax friendly incorporated Business Structure available in India. You get all benefits of a  As per the Rules framed by the Indian Govt.

every Serivce Provider has to mandatorily apply for Service Registration if the Value of Services expected to be  Download Startupindia mobile application Provided further that a Startup shall be eligible for tax benefits only after it has obtained given as financial assistance which may be used for ramping up the quality of service at these incubators. Aug 11, 2016 Benefit assessment will stop to exist in GST administration. So there is no necessity Goods and Services India (GST) · Tax Policy · Taxes  Update – Read about 5 Key benefits announced in Budget 2017 for startups. schemes and policies in sync with the Startup Indian Action plan announced There are several changes in the service legislation which are expected to the Companies Act to announce easier and swifter registration of companies. Nov 7, 2016 Startups often end up spending most of their time in registering their company; getting service registrations, VAT registration in all states .

indina startups service tax registration

STARTUP INDIA- Scheme and Registration Process
Startup India “Startup on a product or service or process which will add significant value for customers or workflow. So if your Startup is like another Ecommerce Startup Website or IT Sector then it's not eligible for the tax benefits as you will

How A Startup Can Reap IPR Benefits from DIPP’s ‘Startup India’ Program
Once you have reached the registration page, click on Startup India Services, followed by Startup Recognition 5) If you decide to go for tax benefits, your application will take more time as it will then head to the Inter–Ministerial Board for

Startup India Gains Pace Again, Looks To Impart $760K Loan Without Collateral To Startups
As per the prescribed definition, an entity is a ‘Startup’ if: It is less than 5 years old, from the date of inception/registration Incorporated ecosystem of the country such as Startup India hub, tax, and patent benefits, Atal Innovation mission

Startups may enjoy excise duty, service tax waiver for a specified period
An inter-ministerial group is considering a one-stop registration service for all startups that will make also regulatory filings and taxes so that India's young companies can scale up fast. "Service tax exemption is a much needed proposition.

It's easy to startup up, but tough to wind up
While VCs invest in a startup knowing the risk, news of a shutdown is always difficult to digest for vendors and service providers no separate India for startups." With the government pursuing several judicial, administrative and tax reforms, including

Services outside India Require Service Tax Registration [Bloggers & Startups]
Note: This article is for individuals & citizens of India. Readers from other countries should check out our archive for posts tailored for them. So many companies earn a lot of money from google ads. Many businesses are purely export based, as they

E-Commerce Startups: Here is what you need to know about VAT and Service Tax liability
Arguably the most exciting sector of the Indian economy is up need to be aware of the tax liability they face, and this chiefly consists of two kinds of liabilities (apart from Income tax) As the name suggests, service tax is a tax on service.

Indian Startups May Get Exempted from Service Tax and Excise Duties
The Union Government plans to exempt startups from service tax and excise duties for a specific period regulatory filings and taxes so that India’s young companies can scale up fast. “Service tax exemption is a much needed proposition.

Does a services based startup need to go for service tax registration after GST in India?
How will the GST affect the supply chain in India? How does the Goods and Services Tax (GST) affect the states' economy in India? What impact is the Goods and Service Tax (GST) going to make on the need for professionals, like chartered accountants, in the

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