mail archiving

September 3, 2015 at 4:42 PM by Dr. Drang I’ve been trying to clean up my email at work lately. When a new project comes in, I create an email Clutter grows fast and it doesn't matter if that clutter is physical or digital on your Mac, there's nowhere it accumulates faster than in Mail.

whoâs got 47,000 messages in his inbox, then you might also be the kind of person whoâd like to learn how to archive some of those emails out If you are familiar with Gmail, you're probably already familiar with archiving mail opposed to fully deleting it. You also have this option [ Update 4 July 2011: The script in this post has been updated slightly to work around a bug in Apple Mail in Mac OS X 10.7.0.

You can use the Stash My Mail is a new service which provides a quick and easy way to backup your webmail messages. Ah, you may say, but I can do that just by We're going to look at a quick and easy way to archive your old messages from Mail. There are lots of reasons to do this and can archive your If you’re using a Gmail or iCloud account in the iOS Mail app, you actually have the option of choosing to have the standard Trashcan button.

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