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Asigra's Cloud Backup platform was designed for Managed Service Providers to deliver managed backup and recovery services. With extended data protection for Tablets and Smartphones. Our technology incorporates everything MSPs need to deploy, provision and sell Cloud Backup as a service to enterprise and SMB  28 Jun 2016 - If your business is hosting your data assets and workload on-premises, this could encompass the help of a third-party cloud provider. If your small business is engaged with a cloud hosting provider, there's a good chance that redundancy is part of your service agreement. The benefits of remote data  MSP. You're the guardian of your customers' greatest asset: their data. MSPs handle this enormous responsibility with IASO. Start your free 30-day trial. Security. Your customers' data is unreadable without the private encryption key.

Choose for the customer to keep the key, or share it with you. Your label. Reinforce your  27 Nov 2013 - Brand Representative for Veeam Software. I know CloudberryLab provides very nice product for MSPs they have remote management and monitoring for entire process, plus they give 2 GB of free trial storage to  11 Oct 2017 - An online backup service is the easiest way to protect your critical business data. You're probably not going to get by with a free Dropbox account, but there are plenty of business providers ready to deliver the extras you and your company need. Also have a look at the best free PC backup software. 29 Mar 2018 - Services vary widely in how many versions they keep and how long they are saved.

Some, like IDrive and SOS Online save every version forever. Those two even permanently save files you've deleted from the source computer—accidentally or otherwise. Some providers don't consider this an  RBackup gives you the freedom to host your own Online Service on your own server or in any data center, including most cloud solutions. So, if you're an online service provider or if you've an online website that lists some of the top online backup providers and their reviews, to reach out to your target audience, you would want to know which keywords containing 48, online software, 260, $10.65, “online software” related keywords. Mozy is the industry-leading solution for online cloud backup and data recovery. Sign up now and sync your most important files securely to the cloud!

It has been estimated that there are approximately 4.6 million episodes of severe data loss per year. In light of these conditions, cloud based or online backup software offers a great solution for managed service providers to offer their customers. With the right support and services, they can capitalize on this growing  Our SaaS backup service protects your cloud-based data and gives you the control to restore your data at the push of a button. Got SaaS data backup Service Providers. Choose among extensive NetApp global partnerships to deliver cloud-enabled and recovery services. ONTAP Cloud Management Pictogram  NovaBACKUP xSP is a server/client software that allows managed service providers to offer centrally managed, branded, private cloud service to their clients over WAN. Providing a robust and reliable enterprise cloud backup software for service providers is a challenge in the constantly evolving world of IT.

Doing enterprise cloud provider at a profit while maintaining the necessary investments in innovation is a further challenge. Bacula Systems offers technically advanced  5 Apr 2018 - Cloud services for businesses work by providing customers with access to shared, software-defined, virtualized storage infrastructure. This lets providers create a large pool of data storage, parcel it out among its customers, and manage the whole thing down to the byte level. Management is based  Carbonite is probably one of the most heavily advertised cloud backup solutions. This service can be completely automated to synchronize folders on the user's hard dis drive at any time. This program only backs up one computer at a time, however it does allow access of data from anywhere. Depending on the plan, users  Online backup services work much like traditional software.

With an online service, however, your important data is transmitted over the internet and securely stored on a server in a professional data center. The advantage of having your important data backed up off-site, away from your home or office, is that  WHITE LABEL BACKUP SOFTWARE FOR THE BACKUP SERVICE PROVIDER. Offer service faster & reduce your costs. Get started with little or no equipment fast! Only $150 per month. Use our white label SaaS backup and recovery solution taking advantage of inexpensive cloud storage or host it yourself. Krome's Online Backup Service Platform; powered by Asigra Cloud Backup, the world's leading cloud software, is designed to offer efficiencies unavailable with traditional architecture by allowing you to capture less, ingest less, and store less data – reducing the amount of assets you buy,  Backblaze is a pioneer in robust, scalable low cost cloud backup and storage services.

Personal online backup to enterprise scale data storage solutions. UK: What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a cloud backup provider? Evans: To set the scene here, we're talking about backing up into a cloud storage service provided by a [cloud backup provider], and there are a lot of those on the market today. The sort of benefits you'd expect to get from a cloud provider  Online backup customers can also switch providers more easily than with other forms of backup, so vendor lock-in is not a major concern. Beyond software and connectivity, an online backup service provider may allow a customer to manage their backups. Customers are advised to test backup and restore capabilities on a  MSP & Recovery delivers on the promise of true cloud convenience and efficiency, while ensuring that a company's valuable data is stored safely and securely in case disaster strikes.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), MSP & Recovery allows you to perform, manage, and monitor backup and recovery  25 Dec 2007 - Unlike online storage services, such as those offered by ADrive, Xdrive, and Amazon with its Simple Storage Service (S3), offsite backup providers offer not only gigabytes of offsite file storage but also automated backup software designed to automatically back up the data you specify. That's a critical  Cloud backup providers all offer essentially the same services, but there are enormous differences in exactly what they offer and how they do it. Some, such as Amazon's S3, basically rent you storage space. Others, such as Acronis Inc., are complete solutions that help you set up and manage your system backups and  Depending on the solution provider you choose, you are afforded numerous possibilities to protect your customers' data.

However, it all begins with one decision: Where are you backing up their virtual machines and other databases? Is it a locally hosted backup server, online software, or would you rather  With Acronis Backup Cloud, you have control over all aspects of your data protection business that is not offered by other software providers. Control Your Deployment. Choose from flexible deployment options: Acronis-hosted, hybrid, or service provider-hosted. Control Your Packaging. Customize product branding, control  Online backup software for MSPs. CloudBerry Managed Service (MBS) is built from the CloudBerry technology and designed to meet the needs of managed service providers and enterprise IT departments, providing reliable backup with centralized management and monitoring. This managed cloud backup  Vertex online backup software is easy to use , secure and unlimited.It works automatically to back up files on your PC or Mac also provides Cloud computing services India.

The list of supported remote backup software for service providers includes: Amazon S3, the popular commercial cloud storage, which is also a base for some other clouds; Dropbox, the most popular solution among individual users to keep and share their data filess; Learn about MSP backup solutions for managed service providers that want to go beyond simply managing cloud backup services to actually hosting them..

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