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7 Feb 2018 - December. Lazard. US Taxable Fixed Income Update. Joe Ramos, Managing Director, 212-632-1550. George Grimbilas, CFA, Director, 212-632-6057. John R. Senesac Jr., CFA, Director, 212-632-2675. US Fixed Income Market Snapshot. Quoted In. 31 December 2017. QTD Change. 30 September 2017. Taxable Fixed Income. The Taxable Fixed Income Division of George K. Baum & Company provides direct access to the institutional markets for our customers.

The annual sales volume of the division averages more than $10 billion. Products handled by the division include Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds,  HilltopSecurities is a leader in the sales trading and underwriting of fixed securities. Discover how we created a team of experienced professionals. Back to Capabilities. Custom Fixed Income Solutions. The Nuveen Asset Management Custom Fixed Solutions Retail SMA Strategy seeks diversified exposure to investment grade and high yield fixed income sectors through an actively managed portfolio of individual securities and mutual funds.

Portfolio At-a-  At Carret Asset Management we professionally manage Taxable Fixed Income portfolios for total return and current Additionally, a focus on preservation of principal is a key fundamental present in all of our bond strategies. We create and manage an efficient risk/return portfolio utilizing corporate bonds, U.S.  23 Sep 2017 - Taxable Fixed Trading. ATXCap2(TaxableFixedIncomeTrading)_feather. We are active in trading and positioning taxable fixed income securities, including U.S.

Treasuries, Agencies, mortgage backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations, corporate securities and municipal bonds. U.S. GOV'T TAXABLE FIXED INCOME. Investment Objective. The portfolio's objective is to provide clients with competitive market performance results without taking on undue market risk or exposure. Investment Philosophy and Approach. Gov't Taxable Fixed portfolios are constructed using Government issued or  Our taxable fixed income strategy centers on capital preservation and income.

We believe we can grow income in the long term by selectively purchasing large-issue bonds that offer low volatility. Performance Objectives. Steady income from short- and intermediate-term bonds; Low total return volatility. Investment  Performance charts for BlackRock Intermediate Taxable Fixed (BLAITFI) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend lines. U.S. Treasury Securities are issued by the United States government and are generally considered the safest of all investments.

Because of the safety advantage, government bonds pay relatively lower interest rates than other fixed income securities. Treasury bonds are issued in a wide range of maturities, from four weeks  Taxable Fixed Text Size: Taxable fixed securities offer a predictable stream of income with repayment of principal if held to maturity, subject to issuer credit risk. DEFINITION of 'Taxable Bond' A debt security whose return to the investor is subject to taxes at the local, state or federal level, or some combination thereof.

Strategy Objectives. The Wasmer, Schroeder & Company (WSC) Intermediate Taxable Fixed Income Plus (ITTX+) strategy is a limited duration style managed primarily for current income and capital preservation. Growth of principal is a secondary objective. The primary benchmark is the Barclays Capital Intermediate U.S.  Updated Daily as of 03/05/18, As of 01/31/18. Fund Name Asset Class, Ticker CUSIP, NAV, Change, YTD Total Return, 7-Day Current Yield, 7-Day Effective Yield, 30-Day SEC Yield w/ Waivers, 30-Day SEC Yield w/o Waivers.

Bond Index Fixed Taxable, NOBOX 665162533, $10.25, $-0.02, -2.28%, N/A, N/A, 2.60%, 2.54%. Invests flexibly across both municipal and taxable bonds, seeking attractive after-tax returns; Manages interest-rate exposure, with the ability to invest in lower rated munis and corporate bonds; Led by disciplined team averaging 28 years of industry experience, with over $35 billion in assets under management  This investment strategy seeks total return derived from coupon interest and capital appreciation.

It invests primarily in government securities, investment grade corporate bonds, and asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities. Michael Heilbronn, Director, is a member of Learn more about Delaware Investments Fixed income taxable team on our website for institutional investors. Our institutional sales and trading effort offers the highest level of client service for fixed income portfolio managers and analysts. Our salespeople, who have an average of 20 years of industry experience, along with Oppenheimer's brand and nationwide network, afford our firm the special opportunity of having a sales force  Taxable Fixed Strategies.

Brown Brothers Harriman's (BBH) Taxable Fixed Income Strategies combine our unique valuation framework and comprehensive credit review criteria to build portfolios of durable credits purchased when they are at attractive yields. Navigate the Bond Markets with a Strategic Approach. The Navigator Taxable Fixed Income Core strategy is designed to maximize total return by investing actively across the full spectrum of U.S.

fixed income sectors and securities. This strategy is intended to act as the core portion of an investor's bond allocation. Rice Financial's Taxable Fixed Income Group (TFIG) offers municipal clients fixed income debt securities for their investment needs. The firm's relationships with the GSEs (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Bank and Farmer Mac) allow us to structure and provide competitive investments for our clients.

Notably  We offer a wide array of taxable fixed income strategies for both institutional and private clients. Learn more about our fixed income offerings here. Taxable Fixed Income Brochure. The Sage investment team brings perspective and wisdom that comes from a long history of managing fixed income. Managing risk is fundamental to our investment process as we strive to deliver consistent risk-adjusted results in all market environments.

Sage provides the accessibility of a  Tracking the Agg? Why the bond index may not work for investors. Our BlogWhite Paper Oct 23, 2017 Edward Kerschner, Chief Portfolio Strategist. The Agg is more than an index. It's the basis for financial products that represent large fixed-income allocations for many investors. What's wrong with that? article image  Fixed Income. Bonds offer investors the potential for regular income, preservation of capital, portfolio diversification and a hedge against an economic slowdown.

For investors facing high marginal income tax rates, municipal bonds can offer the potential for greater after-tax yields than taxable bonds with similar maturities  Taxable Fixed Income. Taxable Fixed Income Sales & Trading. Cabrera Capital Markets has a team of highly experienced Taxable Fixed professionals and we consistently provide our clients with best execution in this asset class. Our expertise allows Cabrera to design and implement strategies across a broad  About Citi Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions.

Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit,  Taxable Fixed-Income Investments. Rethink Taxable Fixed Income ― Be Proactive: Prudent investors know that diversification is one of the hallmarks of conservative portfolio management. Diversification between asset classes is just one of the ways to help minimize volatility. Within an asset class you can further diversify to  Taxable Fixed Our proprietary in-house credit analysis seeks to maximize risk adjusted returns while protecting capital.

As part of the strategy, we deploy laddered maturities to manage duration risk and we diversify holdings by sector and geography. Bonds are normally held to maturity. We may also utilize selected  Wedbush Securities offers a wide array of taxable fixed income securities to further diversify your asset allocation and help meet the needs of your long and short term investment goals.

Preferred, Agency & Treasury Securities Wedbush offers a variety of taxable preferred, agency and treasury securities that offer predictable .

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