vacation apartment rental

amazing, unique accommodations in 192 countries. With more than 10 million nights booked worldwide, Airbnb is the world leader in travel rentals..

vacation apartment rental

The Most and Least Expensive States for Short-Term Vacation Rentals
If you’re thinking of planning a vacation somewhere in the U.S. for more than a Using data from over 16 million records on residential listings, apartment rentals, and other short-term rentals, Datafiniti was able to build find the median rental

Airbnb is officially getting into the luxury vacation home business
Luxury Retreats Airbnb got its start when its founders set up an air mattress in their apartment living but the acquisition of Luxury Rentals will bolster its use among wealthy clientele that are looking for longer vacation rentals in places that

Vacation Apartments / Lodging in Dubrovnik in August
I'm looking for recent recommendations for vacation rentals and suggestions for the best places to stay in and around Dubrovnik at that time of year. We are a healthy group of four who doesn't mind a bit of walking, but doesn't want to be too far removed

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