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fixed income index funds
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M&Gs high-performing fixed interest funds include high-yield, corporate and index-linked bond funds, and European, global and emerging-market bond funds. Learn about bond and income ETFs, or fixed income exchange traded and reasons to invest in these fixed income products from Fidelity. Definition of fund: A fund that invests solely in investments, such as bonds or certificates of deposit. These are Fixed Index Fund Morningstar Fixed Style Box as of 03-31-17 High Med Low.

index annuity fees
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WealthManagement.comWhy Asset Location is Key to Enhancing Tax EfficiencyWealthManagement.comAnnuities may make sense as a valuable tool for tax-deferred asset location once qualified plans are maxed out. But many fee-based advisors balk at the idea of traditional variable annuities because they typically have high commissions, high M&E Money MagazineA Simple Way to Get Guaranteed Income in RetirementMoney MagazineSome annuities seem almost designed to resist the normal human capacity for u