journal of accounting and finance
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journal of information technology education
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journal of evidence based social work
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In this study the researchers examined the knowledge, skills, and use of Evidence-Based Practice in a sample of social workers from different practice settings. Using an electronic survey, data were collected from a group of social work practitioners (N E-mail: Gray M, Schubert L. Sustainable social work: modelling knowledge production, transfer, and evidence-based social work This article is a first attempt to present a model of knowledge production and transfer in so

journal of contract management
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How do developmental and accommodative HRM enhance employee engagement and commitment? The role of psychological contract and SOC strategies. Journal of Management Studies, 50(4), 545–572.CrossRef Blau, P. (1964). Exchange and power in social life. Procurement Management: If you haven’t had much experience negotiating contracts or facilitating the process This can highlight areas where you can improve. Third, keep a journal. I don’t mean that you have to keep a personal diary, but keeping “We m