best virtual reality devices
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I have had numerous discussions over the last few weeks regarding Virtual Reality (VR) and which platform offers the best solution for my business. Is it the mobile experience with devices like the Samsung Gear VR, Google’s Daydream VR or Cardboard Interest in virtual reality (VR) skyrocketed in 2016 with predictions of it As with all new technologies, the high prices for acquiring the headsets or devices make VR less accessible to consumers, at least in the short term. Second, it has to do We

Virtual reality advertising
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Oct 23, 2016 The advertising of tomorrow is now upon us. Virtual reality has become a strong tool to generate opportunities in newer dimensions. Sep 16, 2016 In virtual apps, opt-in video ads work much better than pre-roll Immersv's VR ad platform data show that opt-in ads such as this one are.

Virtual reality jobs
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Jun 12, 2015 Join the Marxent team for a Q&A session on 5 top jobs in Virtual and how to break into the industry. The feasibility and efficacy of Job Interview Training (VR-JIT) was assessed in a single-blinded randomized controlled trial. Adults with autism  Apply to 818 Virtual Reality jobs in United States on LinkedIn. Sign-up today, leverage your professional network.

Virtual reality shopping
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Page load times are important for e-commerce sites. If they increase, consumers will be put off and may not come back again, according to a new study by Akamai that looked at internet traffic across.

Virtual reality cameras
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Good VR doesn't come cheap, as evidenced by Nokia's Ozo 360-degree video camera. Meanwhile, Swatch's next smartwatch has mobile payments, and quipped. Once you've got footage from all six cameras, they'll be stitched together into a seamless 360-degree image using Kolor, a virtual Oculus/Facebook, Samsung, Sony, Google. We're about to be flooded with virtual reality hardware, but what about content? While John Carmack works Google bets big on virtual reality. today announced at Google's annual d