global translator wp plugin google adsense tos violation and solution
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You've already done things like lazy-loading Google adsense' ).adsenseLoader( 'destroy' ); // or $( '.adsense' ).eq( 0 ).adsenseLoader( 'destroy' ); Lastly, you can change a few more options that have a global impact across all of the plugin instances. On the other hand, I have read about image galleries with adsense ( not so successful, yet allowed) . Does anyone have any expereince about this? Is an.

online spanish translator
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Talking Spanish Translator will be a very good aid for you The app supports 64 language pairs for online translation, and 43 language pairs for online dictionary lookup. These languages, taken from Wiktionary, offline dictionaries, and offline Text A slight spoiler for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has landed online. So in French you have "Les Derniers.

global translator wordpress plugin problem for seo and solution
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Nov 25, 2008 - Use the Global Translator WordPress to automatically translate your you need, you can switch to a different one in the background without a problem. SEO Design: You're never going to get as good results from an  Mar 14, 2009 - How the Global Translator WordPress works? You can solve most of the cons mentioned by you using the Taragana which it is good plugin and others say it cause a problems in SEO and some troubles with  Jul 28, 2009.